Golf is a Meta-Fore

Golf is deceptively simple but endlessly complicated. It satisfies the soul but frustrates the intellect.  

My husband is infamous for saying, "there is always one shot that will keep you coming back for more." Today playing golf with him, was no exception.  

The best and worst shots are the two you remember from the game. The worst shot will frazzle you and possibly knock your confidence down a few holes. You may beat yourself up and agonize over a silly mistake for the entire game. 

You’re best shot may not be a hole in one, birdie or even par. But it will be the longest drive you have had all day, a great putt, or even getting yourself out of a sand trap.  You will feel satisfied and gratified at the outcome and remember the feeling all game long. 

The game will change from course to course and how the mood shifts from swing to swing. 

It will rattle your nerves, make you smile with pride, laugh at silly mistakes and sometimes it will will make you do all three during your time on the course. 

As we were playing golf today I sat back and took in the fresh air, the changing leaves on the trees and I also started to relate the game of golf to life. 

So often we are consumed with having the best swing , we forget to enjoy that we get to take a swing at all. We forget that a simple mistake isn’t the end of the game. We forget the game is there to challenge us mentally and physically. 

In life and in the game of golf you can’t master one without the other. The two work together to create harmony and success.  Although success in golf depends less on strength of body than on strength of mind and character.  Which can be said for life as well. 

You will always be stronger in one area than you are in another.  But that doesn’t mean we stop trying to strive for harmony and balance. 

So take that swing, have the determination but the patience to endure and enjoy the game.  Same can be said for life. Have the determination to create the most amazing life but the patience to know it doesn’t happen over night. 

All the best to you, Fabulous Fighters 

Xoxo- Dr. Fab 

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