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This week I have done a lot of thinking on the heels of this decade challenge that has been popping up all over social media. The challenge was to post a picture of then and now. As I scrolled photos of the past ten years, it, of course brought up so many memories. How much we have grown as a family and how we’ve grown individually. How we have weathered many setbacks as a family and individually. How we have taken all the stones that have been thrown and together we have built a solid foundation. Ten years has changed us in many ways, but not who we are as people, our core values or our souls.

I wish I could say the same for our world. This decade challenge made me think of how much our world has changed. The medical advances, the social media advances, the advances in electronics and robotics. There has been light years of advancements in ten years, the goal, in which, to make life more simple; but in so many ways it has complicated it.

We no longer just pick up a phone and call someone to chat. We text. Leaving out the emotion behind actually having a conversation. We no longer gauge the emotion from someones tone, we gauge it by an emoji, sometimes leaving us to wonder really what the person is trying to relay.

We no longer have an argument, then solve it by discussing both sides of the issue. We instead bash someone over the internet and hide behind a screen. Only making someone hurt by tearing them down. We no longer ask the questions when it comes to someone’s life, instead we judge based off of an online profile. Communication has become obsolete along with a rotary dial phone and a typewriter. We have complicated life.

I assure you, it doesn't have to be this way. We have just lost our way a bit. SO I’m Sending you all a KISS


Are you missing someone? CALL

Want to meet up? INVITE

Want to be understood? EXPLAIN

Have a question? ASK

Like something or someone? SAY IT

Want something? ASK FOR IT

Love someone? TELL THEM

To anyone who is reading this right now, I hope this resonates. I hope it is read with the love and respect that is intended by my words. I hope this next decade can be one of positive communication that no longer breeds assumptions, but wraps us in the wisdom of simple goodness.

Wrapping you in Fabulous Love & Light,

xoxo-Dr. Fab

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