You Don't have to be pretty like her-YOU are Pretty!

You don’t have to be pretty like her- you can be pretty like you! You ARE WORTHY

Today as my husband and I were working on the second edition of our book, we got into a heated discussion. This discussion stemmed from my statement that the world in general can not see beauty beyond size. We preach that stereotypes have been broken when someone is “plus size” but I call bullshit!

Honestly this has been on my mind for sometime now and this discussion led to this post. I usually keep this to myself as I am not comfortable with the size I am, BUT I am accepting of the size I am. There is a difference

I feel I have been held back from jobs, interviews, winning pageants, and numerous other endeavors, I am absolutely qualified for; but have not gotten the opportunity because of size.

You can say all you want about plus size models and plus size actresses..... BUT how many plus sized compared to the thousands of small, petite size, people whom have gotten a job over a woman of thicker frame. And can you answer me this question, why is there a label of “Plus Size?” Why do we have to put labels on women? Men aren't called plus size, curvy, thick..etc. Why as women do we have labels placed on how we look?

Why does thin mean pretty? Why does thin mean better? Why does thin mean that you somehow are more of a person or more perfect for a job, a tv interview, a modeling job, or even fit to be a woman. Why when a woman losses weight are they praised as if they have won a Nobel prize? I am all for living a healthy lifestyle. I am a Naturopathic Doctor, I live my life to help others have the best possible health and wellness. The most common ailment patients speak about is weight loss. They don’t care about whole wellness they care more about the weight loss. I have come across many patients who are thicker frame and are the most cautious about what goes into their bodies. I have also treated patients who are thin and could give a rats ass about what goes into their body. You can be thin and unhealthy and you can be thick and HEALTHY!

Guess what? I used to be thin... very thin... at one point, anorexic. Being thin didn’t make me happy or more of a person. In fact gaining this weight because of medical reasons has given me more perspective on this subject because I have been both people. It took me a long time to accept the full figured woman I am. I still work on the head games I play with myself and my body.

I was used to winning pageants, I was used to getting jobs because of how I looked, I was very aware that my physical appearance provided me a leg up in this world.

How sad.... how very very sad.

I am an educated, talented, funny, thriving plus size woman- I don’t think that I should have to dull my sparkle because of my size, nor do I think my size should hold me back. But it does because of the stereotype, the misconception that thick means FAT, UGLY, GROSS, UNWILLING TO TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF.

Why don’t you just go on a diet? You used to be thin, what happened? Oh honey you need keto.... you need weight need weight loss surgery....

You know what you need??

A muzzle!!

Society needs a muzzle!!

Society needs an education on the human body. No two people are created the same. That’s what makes us unique and fabulous. So the next time you are looking for the face of an organization, a campaign ad or someone to interview on a talk show maybe we should clear the playing field and look at the caliber of the women. The credentials, the heart and soul. And maybe we care a little less of whether she perfectly fits the perfect size mold.

Don’t believe that life, happiness, and worthiness begins and ends with the number on the scale.

Wrapping you all in Fabulous light & love

xoxo-Dr. Fab

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